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What's Your Angle?

The perspective you CHOOSE is how your view of a situation, others and yourself is made. Let’s use photography as the best example. Depending on the perspective of a shot the feelings, emotion, visual triggers and experience of an image can be drastically different. And it has nothing to do with the subject of the photo. It’s all perspective.

Impacting You

Where in your life might your perspective be influential in how you are moving toward your purpose, your passions or your desire? I’ll admit that if I check how my perspective is angled I can see why I am successful and committed to something and I can equally see where my CHOSEN perspective is also sabotaging me.

Try this out

  1. What are 3 key important areas in your life that you are focusing on?

  2. Where do you feel you’re succeeding and where do you feel a struggle?

  3. Take a look at each one and ask your self what perspective (view) have you shaped around that.

  4. Is that perspective serving your desired outcome or your overall purpose?

If this gives you something to think about let me know. I’d love to support you on your journey.


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