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Leading With Kindness

Does kindness in corporate even exist? If you’ve worked a day, a decade or more in corporate … you’ve wondered this at least once. There’s daunting examples that might make you question if it’s possible … but I’ve got a few ways to find kindness in your corporate experience.

Today we’re going to explore the ways you can find and the ways you can find and share kindness within the corporate machine! It’s just the beginning … I promise … after all corporations are made up of HUMANS - and we have the power to transform ANY situation into something for good.


Have you ever had a mentor? I mean a real mentor. Not someone you kind of get advice from or can share you work woes with. But someone who is fully invested in your success and where you want to grow your career. Whether you’d like to find a mentor or mentor someone, it is one of the most powerful ways you can make an impact in corporate environments. Mentoring improves networking connections, career opportunities, growth, skills, job satisfaction, retention and so much more. But most importantly it’s all about investing in someone.

All of us have unique insights on work, life, our professions, certain skillsets, leadership … all sorts of things. Build a valuable connection through mentorship and give back to others wanting to grow in your area expertise, while also continuing to grow yourself.

Purpose Driven

We all need a job. Well … at least 99% of us do, right? But, finding the right company and the right career path isn’t just about a job. It’s about finding a place that aligns with your passions, your goals, what’s important to you and somewhere where you can truly grow.

Lots of corporations these days are sharing their purpose driven messages. And making an effort to help their customers, employees and the media understand the deeper connections to the greater good, in addition to their profit margin goals and financial growth. I’d encourage you to look carefully and deeply into companies and their Purpose messages and actions. If your company has them, do they align with what is also important to you. Can you get involved? Can you help promote it? Can you support truly making a difference combining capitalism and purpose for good?

You totally can! Whether it’s the company where you currently work or somewhere you aspire to be. Connecting purpose to our corporate experiences transforms a job into a career that aligns with your passions. Go take a deeper look and explore what you want to be a part of.

Shared Success

A critically important area to focus on is the idea that despite corporate cultures and the desire to advance yourself and your career … all of those things can happen without having to create or exist in an environment of competition.

Have you heard of the movement of #communitynotcompetion?

If you have comment below real quick with just one word COMMUNITY

OK, So the whole idea is simply based on the premise that success can be shared and YOUR success can also support the success of others. And that doesn’t diminish it in any way. Take a look at colleagues, competitors, leader and others in your space … find ways to collaborate with them, rather than jump into the “Game of Thrones” culture, that often times is fostered. I can guarantee you that TOGETHER you’ll do far more and grow in your success exponentially faster.

I’ll challenge you to take it one step further … as you continue to succeed, invite someone who is still learning and growing to join you, help you and share in your success. You’ll be surprise how much you’ll get from it, while also giving with a heart of kindness.


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