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Self Care Power Hour

Do you ever just need to reset? You get up in the morning and even if it’s the weekend and you’re feeling a bit swirly or discombobulated. And you just think man … I need to start again or hit a giant reset button. Taking care of yourself, is sometimes the kindest thing you can do, so you can continue to be your best, extend kindness to others and reach for the stars. So, I’ve got 3 steps to reset YOU today!

I started this year really knowing that I needed to focus on my ability to take care of me … in a deeper way. I started this mindfulness class and I’ve been working on step by step figuring out how I can better take care of my body, mind and soul. Now, let me clear … I stumble along every single day trying to recognize what I need and how to care for myself in that moment. So I just want to share some SUPER basics that are working for me right now, that might help you extend a little kindness to yourself.

20 for Your Body

I find that the mornings tend to be the best time for a reset, for me. And that’s specifically coming from someone who is NOT a morning person. But, I do find that it set’s a whole new tone to my day and I feel more grounded, more productive and confident.So whenever you’re starting you day (wink wink) …. start with one or two things that make your body feel good. What are you drawn to? This first 20 minutes of your power hour is a start to reawakening your body. For me … it starts with a cup of coffee. Yep … that simple … the warmth is comforting to me and makes me feel cared for. Not to mention … I need that caffeine kicker. The second half of my 20 … is usually stretching. I’ve got a recurring shoulder injury so I like to stretch and put a massage ball into my shoulder and really take care of my muscles a bit. So I’d just suggest something simple like this … stretching, low energy yoga … something that is still a peaceful beginning to your reset hour.

20 for Your Mind

You’ll be surprised how quick the time goes … so I’d suggest setting a timer on your phone to keep you moving along.The next 20 minutes is all about focusing & infusing your mind with positivity and gratefulness. I sit down … with my coffee and I really like to write. I’ve started this habit of filling out a SUUUUUPPPPERRRRR simple gratitude journal. It’s just 3 lines … of what I’m grateful for that day and in that moment. There’s a bunch of journals like these, but I’ll share the link the this one, that I happen to like below in the Description.After my quick gratitudes, I have my mind in that thoughtful grateful space … so here … I really like to spend the next 10 minutes journaling. I usually will be inspired by my gratefulness statement and write some deeper thoughts or I use this time to write positive affirmations to myself about the day, my intention, my heart … basically the things I would imagine my fairy godmother might say to me.

20 for Your Soul

It’s the final 20 … Can you believe it?And here your going to focus on your soul! Building off of all those good vibes from your Mind Time … we’re going to take it to the next level. Here I really like to spend some time in that mindfulness space. For me that’s usually listening to a meditation, that i can follow or spending time in prayer.I’ve really really be loving the whole meditation thing … because using various apps and whatnot you can have some one talk you through your meditation time … which for me is super important - because like most people my brain wanders all over the place and I have a tough time controlling the carnival inside my head. So take look at apps like Headspace or Insight Timer. I love both of those apps because they are definitely geared towards all levels and types of things you want to focus on. I’ll include some of my favorites in links below in the description, if you want to give one a whirl!

And VOILA … You’ve just BLOWN through your self-care Power Hour! Seriously it goes by really fast. AND … you’re going to feel awesome simply for investing in YOU. Now that you’re powered up … I encourage to live your best day, share kindness with others and make change for good in the world!


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