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Meet Emma

You have a purpose. You have an impact on everything around you. You have access to fulfillment, joy, and the power to design what comes next.

Emma Reeve

Life Coach, Fortune 500 Executive, Motivational Speaker, Unstoppable Optimist, and Dog Mom

My passion in life has always focused on making an extraordinary impact on the world. Be it while I’m transforming businesses with creative marketing, coaching leaders into change makers, or aiding philanthropies – I inspire action in service of others.

Through my own self-discovery and through my clients, I’ve found that the key to unleashing your extraordinary is to first find your YOUNESS.  Understanding your values, mindset, actions, practices, and beliefs is critical in understanding the life you were destined to live. By taking ownership of your own power passion, you CAN move your dreams into reality.


I’ve climbed the corporate ladder as a Fortune 500 executive. 


I’ve made a career of telling other people’s stories.


I’ve quit a job that sucked all the joy out of my days, with no backup plan. 


I’ve created programs for underserved women.


I’ve helped shape the futures of rising leaders. 


I’ve reached for my stars and grabbed them.


I’ve helped others grab their stars.


I know that there is greatness in each and every moment, even when we might not realize it. I found my greatness in a zig-zag, zag-zig path through life, and guess what? It was perfect because it helped me understand how I can make the most impact on the world while doing something I absolutely love. Now I create coaching opportunities and help people unlock their greatness faster, experience more fulfillment, and make a positive impact on the world. 

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