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What can you do with your SUPERPOWER?

Finding YOUR superpower is something that has the ability to change and influence your life, your profession, your mission and how you go out into the world. And, once you’ve discovered WHAT it is … here’s how you can make a plan to use it! You know .. FOR GOOD … not for EVIL.

Who Do You Love?

Think about the people in your life that you love and deeply care for … it can be friends, family, anybody that you care about. Think about how you can use the superpower that you’ve discovered to impact their lives for good.

Do you have a special skill, that might help someone? Do you have a passion project that can have a positive impact or include them? Are you an encourager, can you set an intention to lift up and encourage those around you?

Think about how you can impact those around you with the fabulous superpower that you have.

Where Do You Work?

Whether you work in corporate, in service, in your family … whatever it might be. We all have some sort of “work” that we dedicate a large amount of time to. How might you use your superpower to improve and impact what you do at work? Can you use it to promote yourself and your ongoing success? Can you use it to do the best job possible? Can you use it to support and mentor others?

Work is an opportunity to leverage your superpower for your own success and the success of those around you.

Where Are You?

Where do you live? Who are you surrounded by? What does your community look like? Take a few moments to identify what needs you might be able to notice in your surrounding community. And then think about how you can use your superpower to impact the community for good.

It could be volunteering, being an active member of your neighborhood, mowing the elderly persons lawn, spreading happiness by greeting others. You can use your skills and superpower to do small and BIG things in your surrounding community.

So, there’s some food for thought on how your superpower can not only support you, but you can also use it to impact YOUR world for good. I really encourage to make a plan of how your superpower can impact your life and those around you. I know that you have so much power within you - and I can’t wait to see what you do with it!


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