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The Googled Life

Having access to every answer you ever wanted to know might actually be holding you back from knowing what we need.

We live in an amazing time and age, where we have the greatest access to information than has ever been experienced. It’s pretty cool. I think of myself as “tech-dependent”. And as we all know there’s so many efficiencies and help that technology gives us. It of course, also has it’s downsides. We’ve become less personally and intellectually resourceful, our memories hold a fraction of information because we know we can find it again, and our interpersonal skills have deeply suffered as we have built relationships with our technology. I think of all of this - positive and negative - as the Googled life.

A friend of mine, jokes when we are looking something up online, "oh wait … let me ask God". It always gives a chuckle and we dive into learning whatever piece of information we were looking for. I love being able to find out the answers to almost any question I can think of. But, I’ve also found myself and others using these same tools and dependencies as the place to turn on how to live our lives, or get what we want, or deal with conflict, or how to … just about anything in our lives. And there is massive value in learning from others. But, we have also lost the ability to seek inside ourselves for the answers we long for. Because we’ve lost the trust and understanding that we do in fact know ourselves and what uniquely speaks to us, works for us and so on.

What inspires you?

What brings you fulfillment?

How does that make you feel?

Who do you want to be?

Knowing and understanding our inner voice, values, vision, passions and dreams are all things that we cannot gain from someone else’s experience. And I see so many people late into their 30s, 40s, 50s experiencing moments that act as a lightening rod of realization - that they may have not been living their life all this time, but just mimicking someone else’s. I’m equally encourage to see so many people in their 20s & 30s having more desire for personal awareness - and I think COVID has also been a lightening rod that has sparked so many people of all ages and stages to want to discover what is most import to them. And how that impacts the life choices they make moving forward.

The good new is …

The good news is you possess the answers you seek. Seriously! You do. And now that you are considering what those answers might be - getting some support to help you become aware of your values, vision, purpose, what you want your life and legacy to be - is the best way to increase your awareness and access to those answers inside of you. If we commit to spending an equal amount of time inside the search engine of ourselves as asking Google for amazing information - we can quickly discover the unique and deeply personal life choices, power and possibilities that are at our fingertips.

It’s time to use your heart, mind and soul to guide you into yourself with the same confidence, belief and certainty we have in our online search resources for everything else. You have a purpose. You have an impact on everything around you. You have access to fulfillment, joy, and the power to design what comes next. And, I can say with confidence that the time for your inner discovery is now, because the time to begin is never better than the present.


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